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How to maintain the undercarriage of Excavator?

Track Rollers

During the work, try to avoid the rollers being immersed in the muddy water for a long time. After the work is completed every day, the one-sided crawler should be supported, and the traveling motor should be driven to shake off the soil, gravel and other debris on the crawler.
In fact, in the daily construction process, it is necessary to avoid the rollers wading in water and soaking in the soil in summer. If it cannot be avoided, the mud, dirt, sand and gravel should be carefully cleaned after the work stop, so as to support the unilateral crawler, and then The impurities are thrown away by the force of the drive motor.
It is autumn now, and the weather is getting colder day by day, so I remind all owners in advance that the seal between the roller and the shaft is most afraid of freezing and scratching, which will cause oil leakage in winter, so pay special attention to this aspect.
Damage to the rollers will cause many failures, such as walking deviation, walking weakness, etc.


Carrier roller

The carrier wheel is located above the X frame, and its function is to maintain the linear motion of the chain rail. If the carrier wheel is damaged, the track chain rail will not be able to maintain a straight line.
The lubricating oil is injected into the carrier wheel at one time. If there is oil leakage, it can only be replaced with a new one. Usually, the inclined platform of the X-frame should be kept clean, and the accumulation of soil and gravel should not be too much to hinder the rotation of the carrier wheel.

Front Idler

The front Idler is located in the front of the X frame, which consists of the front Idler and the tension spring installed inside the X frame.
In the process of operation and walking, keep the idler in front, which can avoid abnormal wear of the chain rail, and the tensioning spring can also absorb the impact brought by the road surface during work and reduce wear and tear.



The Sprocket is located at the rear of the X frame, because it is directly fixed on the X frame and has no shock absorption function. If the Sprocket travels in the front, it will not only cause abnormal wear on the driving ring gear and chain rail, but also adversely affect the X frame. The X frame may have problems such as early cracking.
The travel motor guard plate can protect the motor. At the same time, some soil and gravel will be introduced into the internal space, which will wear the oil pipe of the travel motor. The moisture in the soil will corrode the joints of the oil pipe, so the guard plate should be opened regularly. Clean up the dirt inside.


Track Chain

The crawler is mainly composed of crawler shoe and chain link, and the crawler shoe is divided into standard plate and extension plate.
Standard plates are used for earthwork conditions, and extension plates are used for wet conditions.
The wear on the track shoes is the most serious in the mine. When walking, the gravel will sometimes get stuck in the gap between the two shoes. When it comes into contact with the ground, the two shoes will be squeezed, and the track shoes will easily bend. Deformation and long-term walking will also cause cracking problems at the bolts of the track shoes.
The chain link is in contact with the driving ring gear and is driven by the ring gear to rotate.
Excessive tension of the track will cause early wear of the chain link, ring gear and idler pulley. Therefore, the tension of the crawler should be adjusted according to the different construction road conditions.


Post time: Dec-20-2022